Our plans for the future of Lamorna Village Hall

For those who are interested in the serious stuff and want to know exactly what is happening to Lamorna Village Hall, the documents below can be opened online or downloaded.   Over time new documents and photographs will be added, charting the progress of the work.  


The need for change ...

2016 saw the beginning of our efforts to raise funds to repair and renovate Lamorna Village Hall.   The Hall has served the community for many years and it is now showing signs of wear and tear.    It falls short of the requirements of the 21st century to make it safe and comfortable to be in.  More storage space is needed and a second, small meeting room as an addition to the main hall, would be a great boon and also provide space for an archive of material for all those interested in the history and heritage of the Lamorna Valley. 

On 21st October, 2016. we held a Consultation Evening and invited residents of Lamorna and any other interested parties to join us in the Hall where they would have the opportunity to see  and comment on our plans.  Much progress has been made since then and a second Consultation Evening was held on 8th December, 2017, where our architect, Ben White, presented his drawings and models of the proposed building work.

The background to it all

Fund raising Art Auction on 14th October, 2016.  Cutting from The Cornishman, 6th October, 2016.

There was unanimous support for the renovation proposals at our consultation evening on 8th December, when our architect Ben White unveiled his designs for the rebirth of the building.


So, where do we go from here?  After a breather over Christmas, we have enough funds from last year’s brilliantly successful Art Auction to finalise the plans and submit a Planning Application.  We have quotations from a number of Quantity Surveyors and Structural Engineers, who are waiting in the wings to advise us on the estimated cost of the project and on one or two technical issues.


That will enable us to seek funding for the work which will be the key to its ultimate success.   We are in discussion with a number of funding bodies about that process.   It’s not going to be easy, but there’s not much worth doing that ever is.


So have a look at Ben White’s presentation and animation on how he has approached the design brief.   We like it a lot.



Proposed front, side and rear elevations
Proposed site and floor plan 

Applications for funding submitted - June 2018

Result of first funding applications - August 2018

Update on our first funding applications - October 2018

A message from Rae Hood, Chairman of the Lamorna Village Hall Committee

Article from The Cornishman, 10th January, 2019

Boost to the Renovation Fund, 7th February 2019

A message to the community of Lamorna and all those who have encouraged and supported our fund raising, to help us reach this milestone.   Still a long way to go, but we are getting there.

Planning Permission Application - April 2019

Update on our Renovation Project - November 2019

After frustrating delays, our structural survey has finally been done and we are ready to request quotations for the first stage of the building work.

Replacement Windows January 2020

The windows on the main hall were replaced earlier this month.    It is now lless draughty and lighter inside the Hall.   Window replacement was long overdue and we were able to complete the work recently thanks to a grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

P1060844 (1024x683).jpg
P1060840 (1024x671).jpg

Renovation Project - July 2020 and a goal reached 

The long overdue renovation of our kitchen and toilets began the week beginning Monday, 6th July.  It's been a long haul to get to this point and lockdown didn't help, but finally all the hard work fund raising is beginning to reap its rewards.

First things first - before the builder could start work, three bee colonies in the kitchen roof had to be removed.  These carefully moved, without harm and rehomed in an apiary.  This

took three days to achieve.

Then the actual building work could commence.   The builder's estimate is that the work should take 6-8 weeks.  When it is finished we will have new, accessible toilets, all on the same level and a more up-to-date kitchen.  

Renovation Phase 1 completed - December 2020

Renovation Phase 1 to replace the old boiler and oil tank, replace windows, modernise the kitchen and toilets and to make toilets accessible to all, is now complete.  There were a few glitches, as always in these things, but now all is finished and signed off.  The work included removing the old windows on the main hall are replacing them with double glazed units, raising the roof on the rear extension to enable the toilets to be put on the same level as the main hall  and replacing the old sanitary wear and kitchen units with modern ones.  The alterations to the rear extension meant that had to be re-rendered and access to the toilets has been altered.

All that we need now is for Covid to go on its way and we will invite you to come and see for yourselves.

Reopening and ACRE Village Halls Domesday Book 2021

Friday, 23rd July, 2021, the centenary year of village halls, Lamorna Village Hall finally reopened with a celebration and an exhibition by the Lamorna Kerr Art Group.   The newly renovated and updated kitchen and toilets are looking good.  The Hall now has an entry in the ACRE Village Halls Domesday Book 2021, to serve as a reminder of all that has gone on since its beginnings in the 1960s.  With fully up-to-date facilities - accessible toilets and a well equipped, modern kitchen, the Hall is ready to serve the community of Lamorna for many years to come. t