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Welcome to the LVH Blog

Welcome one and all, and thanks for visiting our website. If you are here, you will know that the Village Hall is a community run hall, used by the local community, touring artists, yoga teachers - anyone who wants to come and use our fabulous asset is welcome!

Here on this blog we will share upcoming events as well as document events we have already held at the hall. By doing this, we hope to share with the wider community the brilliant things we are doing at our hall, as well as hopefully to inspire others to use this wonderful space. There are many initiatives to encourage us to shop locally, use small suppliers and to enjoy our local communities. We hope to encourage people, locally and nationally, to support this village hall, as well as their own local community spaces. Without support and love, village halls like ours cannot function. So, a massive thank you to everyone that has used our hall, and a warm welcome to those who wish to visit, or use, our incredibly important village hall.

Thanks so much!

The Lamorna Village Hall Committee team.

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